Multiplier Slots


Multiplier slots

Multiplier slots are one of the most exciting parts of slot machines. The Multiplier multiplies your winnings according to a predetermined rule. These rules can vary in value, but the multiplier will always increase your winnings by a certain amount. In most cases, the multiplier will be two or three times larger than your original stake.

The multiplier is a feature found in several online casino slots. In the best games, the multiplier is a bonus game that players can use to increase their payouts. In most cases, the multiplier is activated when the player reaches a certain level, and the larger the multiplier, the greater the challenge.

Big Berthas

Big Berthas are slot machines that come with five horsepower engines and one hundred and sixty reels. These slot machines offer greater randomness to players, and are popular among slot game enthusiasts. Big Bertha machines come with multiple reels and can take up as much space as a regular bank of machines.

These slot machines are massive and often come with hundreds of BIG winning combinations. They make an exciting addition to a trade show or dynamic entryway. Big Berthas are customized, and can include a company logo or executive faces.

Guns N’ Roses

If you like rock music and want to play a slot that is inspired by your favorite band, the Guns N’ Roses slot is an excellent choice. It is a five-reel slot that has twenty paylines and betting starts at 20p. This slot has many unique features, including Wilds and Re-spins. It is also part of the NetEnt Rocks slot series.

The Guns N’ Roses slot has a low to medium volatility, which means it is a good choice for players who don’t want to risk a lot of money. It does have a lot of action, but the variance is low enough that you won’t experience a large loss.

Tiger’s Claw

If you’re looking for a free slot machine that’s designed for mobile gaming, Tiger’s Claw is a fantastic choice. This modern slot machine features both ways payouts, a both-way feature, and up to 800,000 coins in the jackpot! Although the game has a low hit rate, players can still win a lot of cash from this game!

Tiger’s Claw has an amazing visual theme, with a snowy mountain range in the background and aurora lights lighting up the night sky. The game also features a tepee on the side of a mountain, with a fire burning inside. A fine mist drifts over the whole scene, and the game’s soundtrack is native to the native American culture.

Tiger’s Claw with 720 ways to win

Tiger’s Claw is an innovative 5-reel slot with 720 ways to win from Betsoft Gaming. This unique slot is based on the spiritual adventure theme and has beautifully designed graphics. The reels are translucent and the game features snow-covered mountains in the background.

Players can play for up to 800,000 coins on one spin, which is the maximum payout. This machine has a great design and great payback, and is also loaded with extra features, like a free spins feature and a double-up feature.